The Importance of a Track Record

Published on February 21, 2017

When I wanted to learn how to fly airplanes, I didn’t go down to the…

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Private Real Estate Investment Firms v. REITs

Published on February 20, 2017

Just like the 31 flavors of ice cream available at a rather famous ice cream…

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What to expect in a private placement

Published on February 16, 2017

In some ways, investing in publicly traded investments are easier.  In many other ways, investing…

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Multifamily Returns and the Trump Effect

Published on February 14, 2017

Every investment under consideration will have return projections.  Because after all, it wouldn’t make sense…

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Class A Apartment Investment Goals

Published on February 13, 2017

One of the considerations every investor should contemplate is:  what are my true investment goals? …

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The Truth Behind Moving a C-multifamily to a B-multifamily

Published on February 9, 2017

It’s the perfect neighborhood!  So clean and refreshing!  New retail is going up within a…

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Multifamily Buy and Hold: A Definition

Published on February 6, 2017

There are many successful investing strategies in real estate.  I’ll grant you that not all…

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Long distance multifamily investing done right

Published on February 2, 2017

There are plenty of investors who are really excited about multifamily as an investment —…

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The (perceived) Residential Investing Ladder, Part II: Duplexes, Triplexes, et. al.

Published on January 31, 2017

We delved into the mystery of why people choose single-family real estate in the first…

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Where does multifamily go in 2017?

Published on January 30, 2017

There is no doubt that commercial multifamily has a long run.  And is it any…

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