Acquisition Map 07262015

One of the most important decisions a commercial real estate asset manager can make is where to put the dollars that are entrusted to them by their investors.  Just like with any other real estate transaction — in commercial real estate, it’s location, location, location!

The trick in figuring out the best locations in which to invest, is to pick the commercial real estate asset managers that systematically and methodically approach the task of identifying only the markets that will routinely lead to superior asset performance.  In Waypoint Property Group, you have those asset managers.

The map highlights the states that Waypoint Property Group is currently looking to acquire commercial multifamily assets.  To learn the cities in which Waypoint Property Group is fortifying its acquisition efforts, or to hear more about why these states are of particular importance to the Waypoint Property Group investment strategy, please attend a free learning event or contact us today.




Dark Gray / Dark Blue:  Acquisition Target States