Investing with Waypoint Property Group is not for everyone.

Waypoint Property Group is designed to offer accredited investors the opportunity to participate in larger multifamily and other commercial real estate projects as a means of diversifying a portfolio of holdings.

Waypoint Property Group works very hard to be sure that the objectives of the company are squarely aligned with the objectives of potential investors.  To that end, we work with each potential investor over time to familiarize them with Waypoint Property Group and to determine whether Waypoint Property Group is a fit.


To begin to get familiar with Waypoint Property Group, learn what kinds of assets we target. Answers to the most popular questions that are asked of us are found in our blog.  If reading just won’t do, RSVP to meet us in person and learn everything you ever wanted to learn (and more) at one of our learning events.


Schedule some time to speak with a Senior Advisor using our online calendar or phoning us at 844.226.6542, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


After reviewing the information we have available to you online and speaking with a Senior Advisor, you believe you are a fit for our company, please fill out and submit a Suitability Questionnaire.