Tara Wright

web_6927Although involved in income-producing for nearly 20 years, engagement in the field of commercial real estate for Tara Wright began nearly a decade ago with the acquisition of a retail asset in the mid-west.

Immersing herself in the field of multifamily asset management and committing to multifamily as the leading asset class through an executive-level learning and mentorship program over the last year, Ms. Wright now leads Waypoint Property Group in the acquisition and asset management of large, multifamily projects in emerging markets throughout the United States.

Thoughtfully carrying over the more than 10 years experiences gained as a serial entrepreneur in the field of aviation, Ms. Wright has carefully laid the foundation for success in Waypoint Property Group. She is currently a major airline pilot, safely carrying hundreds of people and operating multi-million dollar aircraft on a daily basis.


Wayne Wright Jr.

web_6887Purchasing his first piece of real estate at the age of 23, Wayne Wright understood and invested in real estate at an early age. Over the last 20 years, Mr. Wright has consistently invested in and valued, income-producing property.

Mr. Wright joins wife Tara Wright, in leading Waypoint Property Group in the acquisition and asset management of out-performing assets in only the very best markets within the United States.

With over 20 years in airline maintenance and maintenance management, Mr. Wright brings an award-winning track record of operations management, superior people skills and leadership to Waypoint Property Group.  Mr. Wright currently holds a maintenance position with a major airline, successfully negotiating maintenance and repairs that safely keeps a fleet of over 500 aircraft aloft on a routine basis.