Waypoint Property Group was founded in 2014 by the principals Tara and Wayne Wright.  It was born out of necessity and raised on passion.  Commercial real estate is an amazingly diverse and complex asset class that offers its participants the best of what an investment class has to offer.  Those that have made the list of the Forbes 400 can tell you that commercial real estate is an essential and integral component to their investment strategy and wealth-building activities.  It is no wonder that the largest industry cohort within the Forbes list has landed here as a result of real estate.

Many people in today’s economy have been relegated to investing for retirement via a defined-contribution of 401(k)-type program only.  If you are one of the fortunate few, you may still be with a company that offers a defined-benefit or pension-type program.  In either case, traditional retirement programs in most cases offer no exposure to real estate as an asset class for investing your hard-earned retirement dollars.  And worse still, traditional retirement programs exact a price by exposing 100% of your retirement dollars to the stock market in one form or another.  No matter which way you slice it, traditional retirement programs severely limit your ability to diversity your holdings across asset classes.

Waypoint Property Group works to add stability and diversification to the portfolios of accredited investors by offering this group an avenue to participate in the acquisition, operation and optimization of commercial real estate across the United States under rule 506 of Regulation D promulgated by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.  Waypoint Property Group currently looks to add $6 million to $24 million dollars in new assets each fiscal year utilizing a disciplined criteria designed to respect and mirror the fact that Waypoint Property Group has been entrusted to be a steward of others’ investment and retirement dollars.  Our philosophy is simple:  locate commercial real estate projects that meet and exceed the expectations of our accredited investor Partners.

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