What is a Cash Call & How it Effects Investors



Expect the unexpected.

We’ve all heard the age old saying before, warning us to think about what could be instead of what is.

Despite all the jokingly shared precautions in our past the unexpected can happen to anybody and when it does it tends to throw us off our game and, in turn, disrupt our investments.

A cash call comes in right after an abrupt disruption to a primarily investment and effects the management and investors.

A cash call occurs when somebody has a certain responsibility towards a particular event, venture or property and their initial investment is met with unanticipated circumstances that causes the limit of the investment to raise. investing-growth-for-post

Once this happens an additional infusion of liquidity is required and the management team will issue a “cash call” to the members/investors asking them to put in more capital so the asset can be handled appropriately.A cash call, while not entirely fun for everybody, is necessary on a rare occasion.

Waypoint Property Group has not had to issue a cash call to date. In addition; Waypoint Property Group’s strategic planning team has never had to place a request for a cash call as well. Nobody likes to be asked for more money – so why settle for less than excellent? 

With the help of qualified and competent professionals, you can diversify your portfolio risk through investment in multifamily units and earn risk-adjusted and tax-advantageous stable returns with minimal risk exposure. Feel free to contact us for further details!