Top 5 Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms

Crowdfunding is a very large, ever growing and ever changing field that is expected to top $34 Billion by years end alone. With ties in nearly any conceivable trade, from music to businesses to individuals alike, there are hundreds of platforms to chose from. But which ones really fit your bill?

Here are our picks for the Top 5 Real Estate Crowdfunding Platforms. 


fundrise-reviewFundrise is a very simple to use platform with an amazing collection of investment opportunities. You can decide between being the investor or raising the capital you need with one easy click. From the 3 World Trade Center to Commercial Multifamily there is no shortage of compelling real estate investment options.


Realty Mogul


This crowdfunding platform has assembled an array of over 20,000 investors and nearly 300 properties have been financed through it. With a 2013 launch, Realty Mogul is clearly a fast growing and trusted platform that will continue to aid experienced real estate investors and beginners alike. 


Crowd Street


If commercial real estate is your game, Crowd Street is the platform for you. Founded in 2013 this service easily connects investors to sponsors and creates a direct investment relationship between the two. 


Real Crowd


Real Crowd offers a safe, user friendly, platform. Investments are set up directly between sponsor and investor so there is no middle man involved. Additionally, there are no platform fees so 100% of your money goes directly into the asset of your choosing. Real Crowd’s offers span across multiple tiers of real estate including, but not limited to, multi family, industrial, retail and hospitality.


Early Shares


While Early Shares is a very straightforward platform, only around 5% of the user created assets make it through their vigorous filters. In turn, current offers are limited to a small amount but are highly recognized and trusted. Most of their listing are multifamily but they also delve into other areas such as hospitality and retail. 



There are multiple crowdfunding platforms out there for real estate investors. Picking the right one can be hard with that many available options. We hope our top 5 picks can help narrow it down for you. 

Happy investing!